Sport Maker

The role of the College Sport Maker is about encouraging everyone to be a little more active – whether you are passionate about a particular sport or just want to try something new.

Their goal at HSDC is to be inclusive in engaging all students in some form of physical activity, whether you think you are ‘good’ at sport or not!

Some of you may see exercise as a chore however, the Sport Maker hopes to help find you a way to keep active whilst enjoying your time at HSDC.

Recreational Sport Opportunities

The opportunities are designed to be recreational and non-competitive. We have two distinct formats – the mass market timetable and the active tutorial programme.

Both provisions are open to all students across all three campuses.

Why do we offer recreational sports?

We value the importance of our college communities’ health and wellbeing and we find that through active activity, we are able to encourage students to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both mental and physical health.

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