Exam information

There is an exams office based at all three campuses and you are welcome to drop by if you have any questions or queries.

You can speak to someone in the Alton exams office –

In-person – visit them in the Student Hub

Phone – 014 209 2200 and ask to speak to the exams office

Email – exams.alton@hsdc.ac.uk 

You can speak to someone in the Havant exams office –

In-person – visit them on the first floor of the Sports Hall

Phone – 023 9279 7995

Email – exams.havant@hsdc.ac.uk 

You can speak to someone in the South Downs exams office –

In-person – visit them next to the Courtyard Cafe

Phone – 023 9279 7995

Email – exams.southdowns@hsdc.ac.uk 

Q. I haven’t got a passport or driving license – will I still be able to sit my exam?
A. It is generally best to bring your college ID card for your exams, although you can use any photo ID which is “in date” in order to sit your exam. The only exception to this is certain professional boards which require specific forms of ID – you will be informed if this is the case in advance.

Q. I don’t know my candidate number; how will I know where to sit?
A. Your candidate number can be found on your statement of entry above your name. If you still cannot find this or forget to bring your statement of entry with you then you can find this out when you get into the exam room. Desks will be laid out in numerical order from front to the back.

Q. I had access arrangements at school but don’t know whether the College knows about these,
what should I do?
A. In the first instance, you should speak to your tutor, who will complete the relevant paperwork and set up a meeting with Additional Support. However, please don’t leave this until a week before your exam as we may not be able to accommodate arrangements – you should do this as early in the year as possible so that Additional Support and Examinations can make the necessary arrangements. You can also go to Additional Support in person.

Q. I don’t know which room my exam is in, where can I find out?
A. Havant Campus – This information is on your statement of entry. South Downs Campus – TVs are located in reception and opposite the Exams Office which show the exams in the coming weeks. Alton Campus – Rooms are displayed on the notice board in the Student Hub and this needs to be checked on the day of the exam. If you have been approved a different room this will be listed next to your candidate number.

Q. I took an exam at college a couple of weeks ago, when should I expect my results?
A. For GCSE and A-Level results, please see the main website for dates and times. For all other exam boards, we usually expect results within four to six weeks from completion of the exam. However, some online exam results are sent much quicker than this. As soon as we have received results, we will notify you by first class post.

Q. I don’t think my grade is correct/ I don’t think this was marked correctly. How do I go about getting the paper re-marked?
A. This information is on the back of your provisional statement of results and can be found on the website.

Q. I would like to re-sit an exam; how do I sort this out?
A. You will need to collect a re-sit form from the Examinations Office and pay for it at Reception by the stated deadline. Forms are also on the website.

Q. When will I receive my certificates?
A. A Level and GCSE certificates are received in November and will be posted to your home address by early December. BTEC Level 3, HNC and HND certificates are available on A Level result day in August, please see website for this year’s date, after this date they will be posted to you. BTEC Entry Level, Level 1 & Level 2 certificates are available on GCSE result day, please see website for this year’s date, after this date they will be posted to you. All other vocational certificates are posted once received by the awarding body. GCSE November resits certificates are posted by the end of March.

Q. I have changed my address, what do I do?
A. You must notify us as soon as possible and before certificates are sent if you change your address. Email enquiries@hsdc.ac.uk with your up to date address.

Q. I have not received my certificate/s or there is an error on my certificate/s.
A. If you have not received or there is an error on your certificate/s please contact the relevant Exams Office by the relevant deadline below.
A Level & GCSE – By the end of February following your results.
BTEC All Levels – By the end of December following completion of course.
Vocational qualifications – By the end December for course completing in June.
For short courses –  Three months from your end date, e.g. end date 31 January query certificate by 30 April.
November GCSE resits – By the end of June following your results.

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