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Media Suite

Power your multimedia visions.

If you’re excited by the idea of digital media production, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to develop your abilities using our state-of-the-art Media Suites. This industry-standard learning asset is available to all Media and Film students, and is powered by the latest hardware and software.

As a user you can explore and discover a brand new world of attention-grabbing techniques, enabling you to smash through the boundaries of what you’ve done before. For example, you’ll have access to high-quality cameras for the creation of HD broadcast-quality video, plus a range of professional sound kits and microphone technologies. We also have a range of production tools and rigging such as green screens, dolly and tracks and crane systems and studio lighting.

By harnessing this immense power to manipulate and refine your visions, you’ll have opportunities to create outstanding audio and audio-visual packages. Indeed, you’ll have the tools to not only achieve top grades, but to create a professional-standard audio-visual portfolio AND enter your work in competitions.


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