Teaching excellence

Benefit from excellence in teaching and learning.

You can rely on us for an engaging and innovative learning experience that meets and even exceeds your expectations. Here’s how we do it:


Every teacher here is committed to ensuring your lessons are always inspiring and packed with the information and activities you need to achieve your qualifications.

Teachers are also on-hand to support and guide you through any difficulties you may experience by lending a friendly ear.

In many cases you’ll find your teachers have done the jobs that you aspire to do in the future. This means they can provide unrivalled support in embedding skills and building your confidence.

Perhaps most importantly, our teachers are passionate about upholding our culture and tradition of learning excellence for the benefit of our whole college community.

Your Tutor will be an important part of your time at Havant & South Downs College. Regular tutorials will help you set targets and monitor your progress. Each week your Tutor will deliver a ‘Be Theme’ session to you which will cover important topics and current affairs to help support your learning. Alongside that you will have a scheduled one to one to enable your Tutor to support you in all aspects of your college journey.

To help you succeed you’ll have access to the most up-to-date learning technology like our virtual online learning environment. This resource means you’re always just a few clicks away from your important resources, keeping you firmly in the learning loop.

What’s more, our ventures with IT giants Microsoft and Google means we can give you access to some of the very latest IT innovations. This is an advantage across all subjects, and particularly for students on computer-related courses.

At every stage we’ll encourage you to take responsibility for your learning. This is partly because college is very different to school.

The other reason we advocate independent learning is because it helps you develop the life skills you’ll need later. So remember, you’ll have much more freedom at College, but this freedom comes with added responsibilities.

We’re keen to give you a hands-on learning experience whenever possible. That’s why we have invested in a fully-functional restaurant and beauty salon, as well as engineering workshops. Sports and fitness and healthcare students also benefit from bespoke learning facilities.

At every stage we’ll encourage you to see your learning through the prism of what follows. To help with this we used an overarching Higher Education awareness strategy that integrates with leading universities from our region and beyond.

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