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Travelling from the Isle of Wight

Travelling from the Isle of Wight?

If you are a student travelling to HSDC from the Isle of Wight, you are eligible to apply for financial help towards the cost of travel regardless of your household income. This is due to the high costs associated with travelling across to the mainland.

You will be entitled to a college-bought bus pass (there will be no cost for you to pay) or the equivalent cost of the bus pass, towards a college-bought train pass. Additionally, HSDC will also award a refund of up to £300 towards water travel expenses (on production of proof of purchase). Please go to our ‘Ordering a Bus/Train Pass’ page to complete an application form. We will process your form on the basis of your Isle of Wight address, therefore, if you do not receive any income-based benefits you do not need to complete the ‘Financial Assistance’ section of the form. Please complete all other necessary sections.

Further financial assistance is available if you live on the Isle of Wight and your household receives an income-based benefit. You will also be entitled to join the College Financial Assistance Scheme, which will include further help towards the cost of ferry/Hovertravel tickets. Please indicate which benefit you receive and attach proof of this with the completed application form.  Once authorised, we may be able to refund up to a maximum of 75%   towards water travel, per academic year, upon production of receipts. The amount we can refund will also be dependent on the total cost of the water travel; a Student Travel & Support Adviser can assist further. Please visit our ‘Ordering a Bus/Train Pass’ page to complete an application form.

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