Lockheed Martin CEO talks ‘Code Quest’!

November 3, 2017

Computer Science students

Havant & South Downs College Computer Science students were inspired to look ahead to their future following a visit from the CEO of Lockheed Martin.

Anne Mullins spoke to the students on Tuesday, 31 October, about the company’s growth and how future professionals can gain experience and employment through a number of ways, such as apprenticeships, graduate schemes, work experience and internships.

She also spoke about Code Quest, a Lockheed Martin challenge which tests students’ computer programming skills.

The quest sees teams of two to three each work together for two and a half hours to solve problems by using JAVA, Python and/or VB.net programming to complete the ‘Quest’.

“I think visits from industry experts helps to inspire the next generation to be excited about their future.” – Anne Mullins, CEO Lockheed Martin

Normally hosted annually in the USA, this year saw Lockheed Martin’s first UK challenge which allowed nine HSDC students to take part.

After being effectively ‘locked in’ without internet and mobile devices, one HSDC team made up of Benedict, Mia and Charles secured third place.

Anne Mullins said: “I think visits like this from industry experts to colleges helps to inspire the next generation to be excited about their future.

“I love talking to the students and seeing the skills they are learning, I think it just takes speaking to a few people who have questions about Lockheed Martin and Code Quest to see that these visits are definitely worth our time.”

Lecturer Bruce Mackie said: “It is always great for someone from industry to come and talk to us. There are some great opportunities in Lockheed Martin and today has shown the students how many routes there are into employment with a business like Lockheed Martin.”

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