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From A Levels to a career as a Research Scientist

February 17, 2018

science research

“It was the work experience I did in College that led me to the career I have today.”

Alice Neilson studied A Levels at the former Havant Sixth Form College six years ago. It was the opportunities available to her during her course that kickstarted her journey to becoming a Scientist.

Alice took on Biology, Chemistry and Religious Studies, and she strongly believes it was the skills she learned from these subjects that shaped her career path.

Looking back on her journey, she said: “My time at College prepared me in many ways for my current career.

“I greatly improved my writing skills during my RS course, which has been invaluable when writing daily scientific reports in my current job.

“My Biology and Chemistry courses gave me a solid scientific knowledge which formed the basis for everything I have learnt up to this point. To this day I still use the mitosis ‘hand dance’ I was taught in biology to remind myself of the phases of mitosis!

“Overall, the personalised teaching I received allowed me to fully realise my potential and gave me the confidence I needed to push myself and succeed in all the professional opportunities that came my way.”

After succeeding at College, Alice studied Biomedicine at the University of Warrick, followed by a Master’s degree.

And now? Alice is a Research Scientist at QuantuMDx, based in Newscastle, which is dedicated to improving and democratising global health by providing transformative diagnostic tools to overburdened healthcare systems.

Alice continued: “The community feel and dedication of my teachers was my favourite part of College life. The teaching I received was always fun, challenging and diverse.

“I felt like I had a huge network of support during my time at College. My teachers were more than just great teachers, they believed in me and because of that I learnt to believe in myself and still do today.

“Setting yourself up for a great career starts in college. Keep revising from day one and seek out every extra opportunity to give you a unique edge.

“Immerse yourself in the subjects you are learning and enjoy it! Extra revision and extra effort in all you do will be completely worth it in the end.”

Alice has had her success story, start yours at Hampshire’s new A Level Centre of Excellence, opening September 2018.