Team secures prize at Engineering competition

April 10, 2018

A team of Engineering students claimed third prize at the ‘Energy for Everything’ competition at Barton Peveril School.

On 24 March the two teams of students used posters they had created to explain their vision for a ‘Solent Eco City’ to the judges, which included two young engineers from engineering consultancy Arup – Sara Dethier and Richard Totton.

Richard and Sara had previously given a fascinating insight into the design of modern cities, where over 50 percent of the world’s population will be living by 2050.

This year’s competition required student teams to design a carbon neutral ‘Solent City’ of two million inhabitants. They were set the task of finding innovative ways to generate, supply and consume the city’s energy and transport needs with no net carbon emissions.

The team of Ellen Carter, Cougar Tasker, Sam Walker, and Luke Millard received a Third Prize of £200 to share, whilst Haocheng Lin, Charlie Rooks, and Joe Griffiths received a Special Merit and will share £100.

Teams provided detailed descriptions of their proposals, explaining all the principal components of their design solution supported where reasonable by calculations.

The challenge is organised and funded by Richard Blott and Charles Matthews, two professional engineers who have enjoyed very diverse, rewarding engineering careers.

Their objective is to stimulate student interest in the many potential challenges and opportunities in the profession of engineering.

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