Engineering Project Day

May 2, 2018

Engineering students at Havant & South Downs College showcased their work to employers at Engineering Project Day 2018.

The day gives students a chance to present their projects after 26 weeks of hard work, which has included concept, technical specification, design, prototype, manufacture, test, evaluation and finally a presentation.

It also gives students the opportunity to be seen by potential employers and discuss with them how they created their project.

Tom Horn studies BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering. He said: “Across the year engineering students have been creating projects from a variety of different ideas.

“It takes a lot of work, and it depends on what you are making, but you have to research, manufacture and programme it all yourself.

“At the end of the year we create our presentation to potential employers to show off what we have done. You can potentially get a job or an Apprenticeship from it, so it is a really worthwhile event.”

Tom spoke about how he created his project – a light saber prop.

He continued: “I had to do quite a bit of background research for it and it has taught me a lot of skills, like organisation for one! And I have gained more experience of 3D printing.

“The whole process has been a great learning curve.”

Another student, Ryan Boshein, made a camera mount for drifting motorsport.

The National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering student said: “I made this because I have an interest in drifting motorsport.

“There were a lot of processes I learned along the way, for instance I learned how to use a mill to create the mount.

“There were problems along the way but the good thing about the project is that you learn the skills to overcome them.

“The main reason for today is for those students who haven’t secured a job in the industry to be spotted by potential employers.”

Other students made projects ranging from an ‘infinity table’ to an alarm system, as well as a skateboard and an archery bow and arrow.

Employers that came to see the students’ work included: Harwin, Formaplex, Saab SeaEye and BAE Systems, amongst others.

Barry Lidstone from Havant Sheet Metal said: “I have had a look round and all the students’ work is really impressive.

“There are some really good displays and all the students look proud of their work which is great to see.

“I can see the hard work that has gone into it all.”

Richard Williams from Turbocam said: “We have two apprentices here today, so we have come down to support them.

“It has been really good to see what they have produced and to see other students’ work as well.”

Principal and Chief Executive Mike Gaston said: “I am delighted to see so many employers join us for Engineering Project Day.

“Of all the subjects we offer at HSDC, few have more modern applications than engineering. Engineering graduates make up about 25% of this country’s production workforce.

“The students have really impressed me with the work they have presented today. The skill that has gone into the past 26 weeks is clear from the projects they are showcasing.”

For more information on Engineering courses at HSDC, click here.