Graphics students donate animal book to school

May 2, 2018

HSDC A Level Graphics students brightened the days of 120 children when they donated picture books they had hand-designed to a Portsmouth school.

Five students presented to four year one classes at Northern Parade School on 1 May, talking about how they got the inspiration from a trip to London Zoo for their book.

With the help of lecturer Paul Parsons, students Saskia, Dylan, James, Abigail and Beth explained to the eager schoolchildren how they created their designs.

Saskia said: “To be able to draw the animals we took a trip to London Zoo, where we photographed all different kinds of animals.”

Saskia showed the children the graphic print of a spider she had made after taking a picture of it at the zoo.


Student Dylan continued: “When we came back from the zoo we had the animal care unit bring some other animals into our classroom, so we could experiment with different styles of drawing.”

The year one children engaged in the presentation, guessing the animals in the book and asking questions. The ‘star pupil’ in each year one class then went up to collect books for their own classrooms.

English Manager and year one teacher, Kelly Taylor, said: “We are currently teaching all about animals and mini beasts. Reading is on our school improvement plan as part of the Portsmouth area.

“This book will give them knowledge of animals and has animal-specific words which is excellent for their language development.

“It is good for them to get used to handling books as well in this age of technology, I tell them all the time how important books still are!

“The animal book the HSDC graphics students have made is very visual and vibrant.”

Speaking about how the book-drop went, lecturer Paul said: “I am very proud of how my students have got on today.

“The children clearly enjoyed their talk about the book and we have donated eight books to each year one classroom as well as some stickers.

“It was great to see how excited they were by artwork my students have made.”

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