New Harwin Academy for budding engineers

May 24, 2018

From September 2018, aspiring engineers will have the unique opportunity to begin the new Harwin Academy programme at Havant & South Downs College (HSDC).

Harwin plc is an Engineering and Manufacturing company specialising in the innovative design and production of electrical components.

HSDC’s partnership with Harwin will give students the chance to get an internationally recognised Engineering qualification, alongside gaining experience working at the Portsmouth based head office of a global company.

Speaking about the programme, which is the first of its kind in the Portsmouth area, Director of Curriculum Lee Hunt said: “This is a unique concept and everybody I have spoken to has wanted to know more about the idea because it is what everyone is after – and it is certainly what the government is driving for colleges to do.

“We are looking for the elite – we want to offer those people who are really serious about engineering the opportunity to become successful engineers.”

Lee added that at the end of the two-year course, if the learner isn’t appointed as an apprentice with Harwin they will receive an endorsement for their work at the company which can go on their CV.

He continued: “Part of the Harwin vision isn’t for every single Harwin Academy apprentice to work for them, it’s for them to support future engineers in providing maximum exposure to multiple engineering roles to help shape their careers.

“This is such a unique opportunity because it is the first. It is employer focused and it’s very clear on what those young people can go on to do.

“During the learner’s work experience, they will have a chance to work in every department. They’re not just going to sit in the shallow end of the swimming pool they’re going to get to swim the whole pool.”

Students have the opportunity to start the full time Harwin Academy course in September 2018. The bespoke programme is a gateway into a career in Engineering, and students will benefit from:

  • Teaching from experienced lecturers and industry experts
  • Learning in a brand-new state of the art Harwin Academy classroom at the South Downs Campus
  • Gaining knowledge about the fundamentals of Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Regular work experience at the Harwin head office in Farlington and exposure to different elements of the business.

If you are wanting to take the first step towards your career as a successful engineer, you can apply for the Harwin Academy by clicking here.