Students host ‘Generate’ exhibition

October 17, 2018

A Level Graphic Design students from Havant & South Downs College are hosting an exhibition based on their current project, ‘Generate’, on Wednesday, 17 October.

The students’ ‘Generate’ project requires them to complete a piece of public art, which will be placed in a public setting at the Havant Campus of HSDC.

The purpose of public art is to explore the differences of interpretation. The students all specialise in different mediums of art and will be giving a wide and intriguing view of the subject ‘Generate’.

The sixteen artists have each produced original pieces that has been extensively worked on.

The ‘Generate’ themed work ranges in specialist outcomes that include: graphics, illustration, photography, typography and textile-based work. The art stems from stimuli the students were given at the start of the project, including; ‘create, ‘hatch, ‘institute, ‘reproduce’, and ‘provoke’.

Through the exhibition the students aim to promote A Level Graphic Communications in a visually exciting way. They are privileged to be holding this exhibition at the College and are hoping to inspire other students and parents to explore graphic design at open evening, taking place between 5-8pm.

Chris Cook, Graphic Communications lecturer at HSDC, said: “I am impressed with the quality and diversity of the work that the students have created. They have worked hard to produce art that communicates the exhibition’s theme to their audience.”

Come and have a look at the students’ work at our Havant Campus Open Evening from 5-8pm.