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Bar Mock Trial Competition

November 16, 2018

Bar Mock Trial

Havant & South Downs College Law students took to the courtroom on 10 November as part of the Bar Mock Trial competition in Southampton.

The Bar Mock Trial competition is a unique opportunity for students aged 15-18 from all over the UK to gain insight into the justice system.

The competition gives students insight into all aspects of a criminal trial, as they take on the roles of barristers, witnesses, clerks, ushers and jury members.

Students appear in real crown courts in front of real judges and are assisted in their preparations by professional barristers.

HSDC students practised for the competition on 30 October at the University of Portsmouth’s courtroom.

Speaking about the benefits of mock trial, A Level Law student Amy said: “It’s good we get to experience this before the actual competition because it will make us less nervous and we will feel more prepared.

“Opportunities like this give us a taste of what it is actually like to be a barrister. I’m only in my first year but this is the career I want to go into, so I wanted to throw myself into it and out of my comfort zone.”

The Bar Mock Trial Competition is run by Young Citizens and supported by the Bar Council of England and Wales, the Faculty of Advocates, the Bar Library of Northern Ireland, HMCTS, the Circuits and the Inns of Court.

Although the HSDC team didn’t make it to the next stage of the competition, they all said how much they enjoyed and gained from the experience.

The students said:

  • Grace Logan- “It has been really good so far; the first court case was insightful.”
  • Hannah Robins- “I enjoyed being a barrister because it gives me experience for my desired future occupation”
  • Annarisa – “The experience illuminated me to the realities of the law and the justice system”
  • Robyn Piper- “It taught me a lot about how a court works”

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