Total Look Showcase

February 1, 2019

Hair and Beauty students showed off their ‘fantasy’ themed looks when their models took to the catwalk on 25 January.

Students from across the Hair and Beauty courses were tasked with creating ‘total looks’ inspired by the fantasy theme, which were presented to members of the public in the Havant & South Downs College Theatre.

Level 3 Production Arts Make Up student, Helen Beswick, said: “For my look I have chosen the idea of Mother Nature to fit in with the theme. I am using a wig made out of wool and mesh to create the look.

“We have six hours to create the look then they have to walk the catwalk to showcase our work.”

Speaking about the process leading up to the show, Helen said: “We started preparing mid-December so we have had some time to get ready. I was looking at different nature ideas then landed on Mother Nature.

“I’ve been looking forward to seeing it on the catwalk, it’ll be a lot different from just working on it in the salon. My parents have looked forward to seeing the end result too, they’ve just been seeing different parts of the project coming into the house!”

“Opportunities like this gives me the experience of working on something from scratch but also to a time limit. Doing it for a show in the real world I would have to work to a deadline.”

Beauty Therapy student Jasmine Hind said: “As part of the fantasy theme I went with the idea of a mermaid. I have put curlers into the hair of my model to create beachy hair and then spray it blue. I have got the mermaid outfit all sorted as well.

“Seeing the looks on the catwalk is going to definitely be a highlight for me, when all the stress of getting it done is over!

“It’s been so useful having a model and experiencing what it would be like in the real world.”

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