Students enjoy Medical Mavericks event

March 12, 2019

Around 80 Health & Social Care students had a taste of a variety of healthcare careers at a Medical Mavericks event on Wednesday, 6 March.

The event, supported by the Southern Universities Network (SUN) and Chichester University, ran during National Careers Week and kick-started student celebrations of British Science Week.

Medical Mavericks holds hands-on workshops to inspire students to make more informed decisions about their career and lifestyle choices as well as opening their eyes to different healthcare careers.

Jade Marwood, from Medical Mavericks, said: “We have been talking to the students about the number of different healthcare jobs available – there are over 350 different careers! Only five of those careers you need As and A*s for, the rest require A-C or equivalent at A Level, so we are just trying to raise awareness to all the jobs that are out there.

“The careers available are predominantly science-based, but there are jobs with an art and design specialism, or there’s a business side to some careers. Even with the top jobs there are ways to get into them without the top grades. If you wanted to be a surgeon but you don’t think you’re going to get the grades, you can become an operating department practitioner or an assistant in surgery.

“We have loads of equipment here with us today for the students to have a go. We have Andy the arm which you can take blood from, an ultrasound machine which you can use to find out if you’re still growing and key hole surgery simulators. We look at the careers behind each piece of equipment too and give the students information on that.

“All the students have seemed really interested and engaged in the sessions today which is great, loads have been asking about different careers. They seem really interested in using the equipment and having a go and seeing which parts they enjoy.”

Health & Social Care student, Charlotte Voller, said: “Today has been great – we have been given information on how we can get into different medical careers and they have explained how to use different equipment.

“I think I want to be a nurse in the future, and today has shown me how I can get into that career but also the different jobs that are out there.

“Using equipment like this and these interactive sessions are good because it gives us an idea of what actually happens in healthcare jobs.”

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