HSDC Compete in Lockheed Martin’s Annual ‘CyberQuest’

December 20, 2019

Over 300 senior school and college students visited Lockheed Martin sites across the globe on 26 October 2019 to compete in the company’s cyber security competition ‘CyberQuest’. The competition took place across ten locations, eight in the United States, one in the United Kingdom and one in Australia. This included a team from HSDC.

The annual event brings together teams of students to solve security issues created by Lockheed Martin engineers and computer programmers, who were also on hand to mentor the students. Lockheed Martin established the CyberQuest competition to help inspire the next generation of cyber security experts.

The students described the day as challenging but fun; they acquired many new skills and globally HSDC was placed 34 out of 72 teams.