HSDC Alton A Level students get to grips with Biology

January 31, 2020

Ten first year HSDC Alton Biology A Level students travelled to the University of Southampton earlier this month to participate in interactive Biological Sciences sessions relating to neuroscience and cell biology as part of the University’s Outreach programme.

The event, organised by the Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences, is designed to help Year 12 students develop their research skills and give them an insight into undergraduate study as part of the University’s ‘Learn with US’ transition programme. Participants were able to take part in activities relating to how the nervous system controls behaviour and physiology as well as the formation of eukaryotic cells and their acquisition of organelles.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the trip, including Emily, who was delighted by her experience: “I really enjoyed the trip as not only were the activities interesting but the students who were running them gave us a good insight as to what you could be doing if you studied these subjects at university. The workshops helped me to expand my thought process on subjects that I would consider studying in a biological based course as there are far more options than I first thought. The Nervous System practical particularly interested me as I found it fascinating how the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response could be recorded just by the charge of metal ions in the sweat! The trip was incredibly useful as I am now debating different areas of biology that I may like to study that I hadn’t even considered.”