Enriching Experience at Climate Change Workshop

March 19, 2020

Five HSDC Alton Biology students had an enriching experience at Alice Holt Forest this week at the Forest Research Station’s first ever Climate Change Workshop. The students heard from three of their scientists explaining how and why they are continually collecting data on climate change.

The group then ventured into the forest to understand how scientists are using different species of trees to measure the effects of global warming through tree girdles, springs and calipers to measure tree growth. The scientific research is trying to establish which species of tree will be able to grow the best as our climate changes and temperatures increase.

The group then had the chance to create their own girdles to measure the girth of trees and also tested the local area for the presence of a fungus that is damaging to plants.

The trip gave the students the chance to work with real scientists, undertake real scientific experiments and develop an understanding of the different careers in Biology that could potentially be available to them.

Ellie Jordan, who took part in the trip, said:

“I had a really good day finding out more about how the forests are managed. It has opened my eyes to more career paths I might be interested in.”