Staff in the Spotlight: Mark Kellett

May 6, 2020

At HSDC we have a number of highly-skilled, dedicated and passionate staff.

They go above and beyond to help our students reach their full potential. We want to shout about these integral members of our HSDC community, so every month we will be finding out about the people behind our teaching excellence with our ‘Staff in the Spotlight’ feature.

This month we are recognising Mark Kellett who is Course Manager for the A Level Fine Art on our Havant campus.

Do you practice the subject you teach outside of work?

Yes, whenever I have spare time. I’ve built my own studio behind my house and paint there whenever I can. This year has been particularly busy with commissions which is cool. But I also get involved with music gigs locally, making money for food banks and selling/promoting my work at events. During this lockdown period I’ve been building up a body of work and hoping to have an exhibition later in the year.
Just recently I’ve taken on the “Portraits for Heroes”, an initiative set up on Instagram. So I will be painting a portrait for an NHS worker for free over the next few weeks.
What was your journey/training before coming to HSDC?

I gained my degree in Fine Art Painting at Winchester School of Art, then I worked with a builder for three years. Before I started teaching, I spent many years across the College as a teaching assistant before working my way up to the A Level Fine Art Course Manager.

What is the highlight of your role at HSDC?

The paperwork! (sorry bad joke)
There’s quite a few really…seeing the students develop creatively and in confidence throughout the course. Results day is also very special, seeing the students getting the grades they have worked so hard for. Also the people I work with every day – other lecturers and technicians make it such a sound place to work!

What kind of careers have your students gone on to?

My students have taken many different career paths, including freelance illustrators, architecture design, fashion & textile design and teaching.

What kind of opportunities are students offered on your course?

  • Residentials to Europe / New York.
  • Frequent trips to galleries & museums – locally and around London.
  • Talks from internationally known artists and past students who have gone on to successful creative careers.
  • Work experience in local art galleries businesses and shadowing local artists.
  • Visits to a local university’s degree shows and open days.
  • Superb support and guidance from experienced lecturers and practising artists.

What three words would your students use to describe you?

Chilled, fun & passionate.