Alton Lecturer actively interacts to engage his students with their remote learning

May 15, 2020

Jo Edmonds, HSDC Alton Level 3 Public Services Programme Manager, starts each of his Google Meets sessions with an automatic registration. After this, the first ten minutes is spent on a presentation, using presentation video apps Sutori Stories or ScreenCastify. Jo engages each student individually, making sure they are okay and actively participating in the tutorial through a Q&A session based on the presentation.

A Kahoot quiz, which tests the students’ knowledge retrieval speed, helps Jo to assess their level of learning and to show any gaps in learning he might need to cover once again. Each quiz answer is discussed and involves thought-provoking questions and learning-based group discussions.

Jo explains:

“I am engaging with the students through some questions and answers based on the learning topics. The quiz adds a bit of fun whilst trying to do some learning at the same time. I have been awarding prizes electronically in the form of electronic cards to help motivate and encourage the students. They are doing quite well given the circumstances we all find ourselves in currently.”