Mobile Film Challenge 2020 for South Downs UAL Film and TV Production students

June 16, 2020

Year One HSDC South Downs UAL Film and TV Production students are currently working on a Mobile Film Challenge 2020. As teams, they must create a one-minute trailer using their mobile phones and adhere to other specific rules and conditions. Local BAFTA Crew filmmaker and former South Downs student Riyadh Haque will judge the submissions in a live streaming/viewing ‘Challenge Trailers’ event where he will announce the winner.

Learning Manager Sally Barlow explains more:

“Since starting the Challenge, the students have worked well together online. Luckily, through his contacts, Lecturer Russell Simpson was able to obtain some sponsors who kindly offered prizes. The top prize is places at the coveted Saturday Film School at the Raindance Film Festival, London.”

Isaac Callender-Barlow, a Year One student involved in the competition, adds:

“We received word of this competition through our online classes, with prizes for the best features. We’re working in teams to create a one-minute trailer just using our mobile phones. I think it’s a cool idea which has brought its challenges in working remotely, but the prizes have given us the motivation to win.”

Good luck to all those involved. We look forward to showcasing the winner later this term.