Commercial website uses HSDC Alton Photography student’s pictures

June 19, 2020

First-year Alton Photography student Bronte Weekes is already a published professional photographer; however, her future plans take her away from her passionate photography hobby and onto a very different path.

Bronte plans to go to university to study Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation with the ultimate goal of joining the Police Force to work in the Criminal Investigation Department, however, she wants to keep photography as a hobby alongside.

Bronte works with her brother, who is an ambassador for a clothing brand, taking photos he can send on for use on their website and social media. Some of her photos appear alongside other professional shoots on their homepage (

Bronte’s take on it:

“I think it is a great achievement that, at 16-years old, I am able to have my pictures on a clothing company’s website, especially as they are on the homepage, and also their Instagram page. I like it that they would choose to put my images there, alongside and in some cases, instead of professional shots.”

Bronte has already proven she has the skills, creativity and determination of a professional and even though this may end up being her hobby, we very much look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.