HSDC Havant Fine Art students showcase their work online

August 14, 2020

A Level Fine Art students will be able to showcase the pieces they have been working on using an online platform. For those interested, the show will be available from Friday 14 August until Thursday 27 August 2020 (https://artsmouth.co.uk/).

Mark Kellett, HSDC Havant, Fine Art A Level Course Manager, explains:

“Normally we have a large-scale exhibition at our Havant Campus in the foyer area and through into the art studios. This is a fantastic event with live classical music and refreshments, we try to give it a ‘real’ exhibition feel to enhance the experience for our students and their families. The families and friends of the exhibitors vote for their favourite pieces with the ones with the most votes winning prizes.

“Since lockdown, our Fine Art students have been a credit to themselves, responding very well to online learning and feedback through Google Slides, where they have uploaded their sketchbook work and plans. Although the students sadly never got to produce the final outcomes for their final project, they all produced some exceptional results for the coursework project. I really wanted to show off the talent of the individuals we have on this course.

“I’ve personally really missed the contact with my students and not having that final conclusion to the year has been hard. I would like to wish the class of 2020 good luck with their future endeavours.”

A Level Fine Art student Isabelle Knight said:

“College was cut short because of Coronavirus and lockdown. The end was very abrupt and we didn’t get to finish as we usually would with exams and celebrations. I was able to manage College work from home and Fine Art work as well, even though it was more of a struggle because of the lack of supplies and equipment. I like the idea of an online exhibition because it allows a slight bit of normality and is the best thing next to a physical exhibition, due to the current situation.”

Isabelle plans to attend the Arts University Bournemouth to study Visual Effects for Film & TV.