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Former student Lucas enjoys himself in an apprenticeship role at Deloitte UK

November 24, 2020


HSDC Alton former student Lucas Ratcliffe completed his studies last spring with A Levels in Politics and Economics and a Level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Business.

Instead of focussing on university, however, he focussed his effort on apprenticeship applications. This has come up trumps for him as he now works at Deloitte UK as an Assistant Associate in the Quality, Risk and Security and Central Business Services departments, based in central London.

Lucas explains more,

“I focussed on centring my studies around subjects relevant to business and risk management, hence my choice of industry-relevant subjects. And, instead of focussing on applying to university, I researched and applied for business apprenticeships”.

“HSDC provided me with the opportunity for autonomous study and the choice of subjects that I wanted to study, which helped me develop relevant knowledge as well as relevant skills for the workplace.”

What was his favourite part of studying at HSDC?

“It was the balance of education delivered by teachers who clearly love the subjects that they teach and the opportunity to maintain a healthy social life.”

And, for those looking to study at HSDC Alton:

“I would say, focussing on subjects you like and always keeping in mind the options that are available at every turn are some of the most important considerations to make.”

HSDC Alton students have a variety of options when they complete their studies. As well as going on to university, students enter a wide and exciting range of careers and apprenticeships in all sorts of fields. Click here to find out what courses are available on our Alton Campus.