HSDC Havant A Level student Bradley aspires to go to uni in Japan

February 11, 2021

After finishing their A Levels, HSDC students choose a variety of interesting paths, from university to apprenticeships to employment, and HSDC Havant second year A Level student Bradley Smith is no exception. He is studying Maths, Further Maths, Computing and Psychology…and Japanese in his spare time in the hope of attending university in Japan.

Bradley explains more,

“My initial inspiration for going to Japan was through the large technological industries in Japan. I believed that I would prefer a job related to technology in Japan and that I must study if I hope to go to a university in that country. I made that decision two years ago and started taking it seriously just over a year ago. Japanese is a tough language to learn for a native English speaker, which is why I must study a lot to hopefully reach my goal.

“If I do end up going to a Japanese university, I believe I will fit in with everyone else as the younger generation in Japan are more open to foreigners studying abroad and it is quite easy to make Japanese friends even with the difficulty of a language barrier.”

In November Bradley took part in the Senior Mathematics Challenge, winning a Gold Award and competing in the next stage Senior Mathematics Kangaroo competition where he achieved a Qualification.

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