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HSDC Art & Design teacher Paul Parsons’ new poetry book ‘Woodland Ways’

April 19, 2021

a man holding his son in arms

HSDC Art & Design teacher Paul Parsons has helped create ‘Woodland Ways’, a poetry book to help educate children to understand and respect nature.

Paul was inspired when, during lockdown, he walked his son in the woods near his home and found people leaving rubbish behind. He has teamed up with his poet sister-in-law Dotty Bretton to try to get the message out about how to behave in nature and respect the world around them. With words by Dotty and illustrations and photos by Paul, the book is being produced as ethically as possible by the HSDC reprographics department on recycled paper.

Dotty and Paul raised kickstart funding from the local community to make all of this possible,

“We received over double our target in funding, which has made producing this book a possibility. It looks set to be sold in some major shops and independent stores, which is fabulous. A second children’s book is now very much on the way!”

It should be available shortly at Waterstones, Cumberland House and the Portsmouth Museum bookshop.

We wish Dotty and Paul much success.