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Action-packed summer camp sees HSDC cadets complete half-star training

June 29, 2021

Group of cadets in full uniform receiving instructions in a field

A year of challenges and adaptation for cadets at HSDC finished on a high with three action-packed days at a summer camp like no other.

A group of 12 members of HSDC Combined Cadet Force (CCF) completed their half-star training, by taking part in three days of activities facilitated by Defence School of Policing and Guarding (DSPG) Southwick Park.

Officers and staff from the CCF made the decision to plan and deliver their own Skill At Arms Summer Camp, as the usual trip to an annual camp delivered by the regional Brigade will be very different this year due to restrictions.

Captain Andrew Northover, HSDC Combined Cadet Force Contingent Commander, said:

“It was a bold move for us to withdraw from Brigade’s summer camp this year to put on a three day intensive of our own. But I knew we could do it especially once we had the fantastic support of the Initial Training Unit at Southwick Park.

“The cadets had three non-stop days which enabled us to backfill the much-needed practical learning to enable the cadets to achieve their half-star.

“Regardless of the weather, each day the cadets went home smiling, having enjoyed their experiences. I am very pleased with how the three days went and we are already looking to plan the next one which we want to make bigger and better.”

Cadets setting up a vehicle check point with a tent and netting

Across the three days, cadets experienced talks, training, and assessment on the history of the Royal Military Police, first aid, drills, how to set up a vehicle checkpoint, how to cook and eat in the field, camouflage and concealment and weapons training and assessment on the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle.

They also took part in a Dismounted Close Combat Training shoot to further develop their application of marksmanship principles and see if they could meet the entry requirements for the British Army at 25m and 100m.

All of this was conducted under the watchful eye of the HSDC CCF team and the training staff from DSPG Southwick Park.

After taking part in the camp, Cadet Jack Baldwin who won the prize for top shot said:

“Thankyou for an amazing year, and what a way to finish the year! I can’t wait to come back in September.”

HSDC CCF would like to thank DSPG Southwick Park staff with particular mention to Captain Nayagam, ProRSM WO1 D Coombs, WO1 C Campbell, RSM Trg Wing, WO2 A Carson, CSM ITU, Sgt Stephenson, Sgt Allen, FS Barrow, Cpl Wilson and Cpl Carlyle.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, with Cadet musters, experience days, weekend training camps and summer camps all cancelled in 2020, HSDC CCF has worked hard to keep going.

As face-to-face musters resumed in early October 2020, more than 40 cadets regularly met up, and the team set up an online programme to deliver the parts of the syllabus that could be taught online during the second lockdown.

Any HSDC student can participate in HSDC CCF, for more information visit the Combined Cadet Force page.