Creativity of HSDC Alton students on display at end of term Fashion Show

July 6, 2021

Students wearing fashion designs in a forest

Bold patterns, bright colours and creative designs stole the show as students took to the catwalk in their fashion creations at HSDC Alton.

Held without an audience and filmed due to Coronavirus restrictions, the Fashion Show highlighted the hard work students had put in to create a variety of garments throughout the year.

Students from the UAL Art Foundation Diploma and UAL Extended Diploma in Art, Design and Communications courses took part in showcasing their work.

Three models wearing a student's fashion designs

The creative minds behind the costumes and garments were students Charlotte Adderson, Honey Bollini-Marshall, Poppy Bollini-Marshall, Poppy Coonan, Iona Grimes, Bonita Jefferies, Isobel Lane, James Lane, Izzy Tully, Sophie Voller and Mathilda Weston.

Designs had been created throughout the course to fit various briefs, including the Trashion project from the first year of the course which involved making a garment out of materials that could be referred to as ‘trash’ or recycled.

Maria Stones, lecturer in Art & Design and Fashion & Textiles, was pleased to see her students’ work being shown on the catwalk. Maria said:

“Showcasing the Fashion Show at HSDC Alton is a great opportunity to celebrate my amazing students who have demonstrated their talent and hard work during this challenging year.

“I think my students deserved to have the buzz of a hectic experience with makeup, lights and camera flashes after showing such resilience, commitment and professionalism during the two-year study programme.

Two models wearing student fashion garments“This event has been possible thanks to the generous collaboration of formidable colleagues who contributed with ideas, expertise and valuable time. I guided my students to create all the garments, but to produce the show and the magazine, it was necessary to make a decisive team effort with the participation of various members of staff and young volunteers too.”

For more information and insight into the artists, view the Fashion Pathway Runway Magazine here.

To watch the runway show and see the fashion designs on the catwalk, visit our YouTube channel.

Students’ creative talents are being celebrated through HSDC Alton’s virtual Summer Showcase, with work including photography, fashion and art to be found here.