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Gold medal awarded to HSDC student in international karate championship

October 17, 2022

Two images of Christina in her karate Gi

A decade of karate training has resulted in an international gold medal for a HSDC student competing in the World Shotokan Karate-Do Championships.

A Level student Christina Furtuna was delighted after her determination led to her being selected to represent England in three categories at the competition in Liverpool.

Christina, who is in her second year at HSDC Alton College, won her first karate competitions when she was eight in Romania, where she grew up.

Having moved to the UK when she was in Year 7 and switching karate styles, Christina has thrived in her training and succeeded in winning a gold medal with her team in the final against Portugal.

Ex-Oakmoor School pupil Christina said:

“It was my first time being selected to compete internationally. I’ve been doing karate since I was six and I’m 17 now.

“I just felt relieved because I was training for so long to get selected. It just felt so good to finally show everybody I can do it.

“Every person who does sport knows you go through a point where you want to quit. That point for me was just before Covid because school was hard as I’m not a native English speaker. 

“I had a lot of time during Covid to train so I caught up while others slowed down. It felt amazing to be able to compete internationally after so many years.”

Outside of her karate training, Christina is studying for A Levels in Law, English Language & Literature and Psychology at HSDC Alton. She would like to go on to study Law at a London university and work at one of the five most prestigious Magic Circle law firms.

When asked what she likes about Alton College, Christina said:

“The teachers are very supportive and it’s a mature environment, it feels really inclusive and safe. You feel free to express yourself.”

Christina is now hoping to be selected to compete for England in the European Championships in December – everyone at HSDC Alton wishes her luck!