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Dreams come true for T Level students set to study at Norland

November 23, 2022

Three smiling students holding baby dolls

World-class training awaits three HSDC Alton students aspiring to become early years professionals after being accepted into Norland.

Lifelong dreams have been achieved for three dedicated students in their second year of T Level Education & Childcare at Alton College as they set their sights on Norland, a top-rated university specialising in early years.

Classmates Lottie, Emma and Alexa all applied to study at the prestigious Higher Education college and were over the moon to find out they have all received offers from Norland after undergoing an interview process.

Once they secure their T Levels, all three will be moving to Bath in 2023 to attend the 130-year-old institution to pursue its world-famous early childhood education and care degree and diploma programme.

Ex-Oakmoor School student Emma has dreamed of attending Norland since she was a young child. Emma said:

“I saw a documentary when I was six or seven and ever since then I thought that’s what I wanted to do.

“Norland teaches you skills you wouldn’t learn anywhere else like sewing, driving and cooking. These skills are so beneficial and really necessary.”

Alexa, who joined HSDC Alton from St. Edmund’s School, added:

Alexa smiles next to Education banner


“We’re all really excited because we’re going together. At Norland, you have all the opportunities in the world, you can go into whatever sector you wish to. I know that going through Norland will give me so much more experience.”

With T Levels only being introduced in September 2020, many people aren’t aware that this new qualification still gives students ample opportunity to be accepted into top-rated universities such as Norland.

Lottie, who went to The Petersfield School, has also had her sights on Norland for nearly a decade. Lottie said:

“I have already felt the support from Norland and I’m not even in there yet. After the interview I really felt like that was my place.”

On why she chose to study a T Level, Lottie said:

Lottie stood with Education & Childcare banner


“I knew it would be the best way I could learn and it gave me a good chance of getting into Norland because of the experience. After the T Level you can go straight into work, but also universities think it’s quite impressive.

“I wasn’t expecting how full-on the first year of the T Level was, but with the support from teachers it made it easier to handle. At the start of the course we did a questionnaire to see what our learning style was so the teachers could support us.”

Alexa added:

“I knew I wanted to work with children so I wanted to dedicate my time to work experience with children. We do two or three different placements with different ages which have been really useful. 

“HSDC doesn’t just teach you in one way, it’s really interactive which is so helpful to all the different learning abilities. The teachers are lovely and you can have a nice conversation with them.

“If you know you want to work with children,  this is such a great way to get all the hands-on experience and put it into practice.”

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