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Successful alumna shares career journey and advice for students

December 9, 2022

Alisha in scrubs smiling at the camera

An NHS doctor and performance coach has reflected on her HSDC Havant experience and offered advice to the next generation of students.

Dr Alisha Damani, an alumna of HSDC Havant, has enjoyed considerable success in her career since studying Maths, Biology, Chemistry, French and Perspectives on Science at the College between 2005 and 2007.

Having trained as a doctor and high performance coach, Alisha has had a varied career, including delivering a TEDx talk on The Power In Losing Your Identity, and she credits the College with preparing her for medical school.

Dr Alisha said:

“The courses I studied geared me up for medical school. I particularly enjoyed Perspectives on Science as I had a wonderful tutor, Mr Bruce, who encouraged me to be imaginative in my dissertation which helped me flourish and think out of the box – a skill that is transferable across all sectors.

“Being around a diversity of students with different ambitions, interests and skill sets made college an incredibly creative and fun experience for me. I was able to be myself and be celebrated for it. 

“Attending college events, being a student communications rep and being part of the team made me feel a greater part of college life. I’m a sportswoman, so it was also amazing to represent the college in netball and basketball.”

After leaving HSDC Havant, Alisha attended medical school at the University of Leeds and completed an MSc in the Biology of Vision at University College London. 

Alisha has worked in the NHS since graduating and took some time out of medical work to work in the events industry managing client portfolios, alongside training in medical aesthetics and vitamin therapy and starting her own business.

As a high performance coach, Alisha offers coaching and mentorship to students, professionals and entrepreneurs to increase productivity and performance through health transformation, as well as currently practising in the NHS.

When asked what advice she would give to students, Dr Alisha said:

“It is always helpful to know what you’re passionate about, why and how a particular course fulfils your passion. Remember that a decision about your course will be a stepping stone – career trajectories tweak as you grow. Most of all, enjoy the journey and never be afraid to change it up if it brings you closer to your end goal.

“Education happens for you – enjoy it. Live it to the full. Participate, contribute, work hard. The world is at your service and it is up to you to seize it.”