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HSDC leaders take part in CEO Sleepout

May 10, 2023

HSDC Havant

HSDC’s Principal and Assistant Principal spent the night alongside a number of local leaders at football ground Fratton Park in a bid to fight homelessness.

CEO sleepout

Fratton Park

Principal and CEO Mike Gaston and Assistant Principal for Business, Employment and Skills, Aaron Butson participated in the recent CEO Sleepout in Portsmouth on 27 April in order to increase awareness and raise funds for an extremely important cause.

The events, which have been supported by around 5000 participants to date nationally, have already raised an incredible £3.8 million for over 100 charities in a range of locations across the country. Therefore, this inspired local leaders from and around Portsmouth to come together and unite to continue to raise money and to make a difference to those facing homelessness in the local area.

Aaron Butson

Aaron Butson, Assistant Principal for Business, Employment and Skills added: 

“This was a very humbling experience. My one night of sleeping “rough” in the safe space of Fratton Park with a bunch of like-minded people all doing the same thing, in no way replicates what so many people go through night after night after night.

I hope taking part in the CEO Sleepout at least demonstrates a willingness to try and empathise and to try to make a difference whilst showing support”.

All donations received go to homeless charities in the local community. If you would like to donate, please visit the Just Giving pages below.