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HSDC donates engineering equipment to central Africa to improve resources

May 30, 2023

Kabuya Kanyinda - Engineering Technician

HSDC is donating a large amount of engineering equipment to educational institutes in Central Africa.

Due to planned refurbishment work for the Engineering area at HSDC South Downs, this equipment will no longer be needed by our students. This includes power supplies, oscilloscopes and signal generators.  These items are being sent to colleges and universities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to improve the engineering studies of their students.

The equipment that is currently used by those studying in DRC is outdated and our donation aims to enhance resources to provide better training equipment for all students.

Kabuya Kanyinda who works as an Engineering Technician at HSDC South Downs previously taught part time in Africa explained how the equipment will benefit all students.

He said:

“The resources we are donating will help colleges to improve their education and enable students to adapt to new technology. Technology is always progressing therefore this equipment will allow them to discover areas they have not had access to previously. The students are really excited to be sent the delivery and they are also very grateful andEngineering Equipment deserving”.

Assistant Principal Ashley Grute added:

“As a leading provider of both T Levels and Higher Nationals in Engineering, we have been fortunate to access funding to update some of our specialist equipment in this area. To be able to donate some of the equipment we are replacing to schools and colleges in DR Congo is extremely valuable to the college and we hope that this helps students in the region to develop skills and advance in engineering.

As this is Kabuya’s home country, we are really keen to support him in this great initiative and hope that it will make a real difference to the career aspirations of these students.”