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HSDC students secure silver and bronze awards in top Chemistry competition

May 8, 2024

Chemistry Olympiad

Several HSDC students have been put to the test again this year whilst competing in a top science competition.

Sixteen HSDC Havant students participated in this year’s Chemistry Olympiad, with nine students securing awards including four silver awards, putting those individuals in the top 33% of entrants.

The Chemistry Olympiad is run by the Royal Society of Chemistry and is aimed at second-year A Level chemistry students, although some first-year students do also participate. 

First-year student Katarina Hill who was awarded a bronze award said:

“The Chemistry Olympiad competition was definitely a challenge, however, the questions were very interesting. The questions were applied to different outside scenarios and the content was high level. I am hoping to take part again next year too!”

First-year student Artem Nugmanov also took home a bronze award this year, adding:

“I found it quite challenging but a really great experience. It is also a really good thing to be able to put onto my CV and to include on a personal statement when applying for university.

I am hoping to participate again next year and hope to achieve silver or gold! I aim to study Chemistry at university therefore taking part in the Chemistry Olympiad will really help me.”

David Brimecombe, Science Lecturer at HSDC Havant said:

“The Chemistry Olympiad is run by the Royal Society of Chemistry and is aimed at second-year A Level chemistry students. The Olympiad is a set of extremely hard chemistry questions that apply the content that the students have learnt in class to real-world scenarios. These questions are phrased in a different way from typical exam questions and are more challenging than standard A Level questions. 

Although the competition is aimed at second-year chemistry students, first-years are also able to enter however they will not have learnt all the relevant content yet. 

This year we had twelve first-years enter the competition and five of these obtained bronze awards which is an incredible achievement. We also had four second-year students enter and all four of these obtained silver awards. A silver award places students in the top 33% of entrants and a bronze places them within the top 70%. I am very proud of all the students who chose to enter and take part in the competition.”

A huge congratulations to all students involved, what an achievement!