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Alton Campus Example Timetable

Why you’ll love our timetable

Designed for Learning

Our timetable has been carefully planned to maximise your ability to concentrate and learn effectively.

A Levels

There is plenty of evidence from academic studies which show that shorter lessons are better for your ability to concentrate – so we limit ours to 90 minutes. Similar studies show that more frequent lessons help you remember what you have learnt – so we give you three lessons in each subject every week, not two.

Responding to Students

Our students told us that they wanted time between their lessons to study at the campus, using our facilities which many said helped them get their homework done easier than at home, including the opportunity to complete work with their friends. They asked that we remember their need to socialise and have fun in between lessons too – so we provided that time and massively increased the range of enrichment opportunities in our Be Extraordinary programme. There is no such thing as ‘trapped time’ for our students!

Our timetable finishes early on a Wednesday, allowing you to participate in Team Sports.


Your lessons won’t finish later than 4.15pm and many of them don’t start until 10am – so it’s easy to get to and from college, via our excellent public transport options.

All our students have one lunchtime, which means you can spend time with your friends, even if they don’t study the same subjects as you.

A Level Example Timetable – Alton

Alton A Level Timetable

Please note that this is an example timetable – individual timetables will differ depending on subjects and courses/groups.



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