Apprenticeship Myth Busting

There are a lot of misconceptions about Apprenticeships, HSDC are here to help you sort the myths from the truths!

Nope! There is no right or wrong way to achieve your aspirations. Apprenticeships are simply an alternative route into employment. You are now able to study up to degree level whilst in employment and studying an Apprenticeship.

Gone are the days where Apprenticeships were only available in certain industries. Apprenticeships are now available in a huge variety of industries, click here to find out about the amazing Apprenticeships HSDC has to offer.

Wrong! Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16. There is no upper age limit, we have HSDC apprentices at school leaver age and people who have been in their roles for a number of years. Here at HSDC we have apprentices aged from 16-45!

This isn’t the case at all! An Apprenticeship is completely different depending on what industry you are in, but businesses will have guidelines to follow to ensure the apprentice is gaining the skills and knowledge they need to complete the qualification.

No way! The skills you will learn on the job and completing your qualification will be transferable and allow you to move into a different job or sector if you wish to.

Not True! Anyone with a degree can now retrain in a subject that is materially different from their degree.

False! Apprenticeships offer a ladder of opportunity, so learners can progress from intermediate (Level 2) Apprenticeships right up to Higher Degree Apprenticeships. Meaning the same qualifications can be achieved as completing a full-time College or university course.

This is not true; a number of employers will pay above the minimum wage. Here at HSDC we work with employers who are keen to invest in their future workforce.

Not always, Apprenticeships can last from one year up to six years depending on the level of qualification you study. Some of our apprentices complete their one-year Apprenticeship and then move on to the next level.

Apprenticeships are so much more than just a job! Although the majority of time will be spent in the workplace with on the job learning, 20% of your time will be spent gaining a qualification.  

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