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New Courses for 2022

We’re always looking to bring you new and exciting courses to help you on your way to your dream careers! We have a number of new courses for you starting in September 2022 that are equal to three A Levels. From T Levels in Finance, Construction and Engineering to a BTEC in Esports, take a look at what you could be studying next year!

Business & Managementmale students in class with teacher in background

South Downs Campus / T Level (Level 3)

This brand new T Level will ensure you rival all students with a unique blend of both academic and industry experience alongside a work placement giving you real-world skills for future employment. To find out what you will learn on the course, head to the course page to take a look.


a row of men in hard hats overlooking a construction siteDesign, Surveying & Planning for Construction

Alton Campus / T Level (Level 3)

This course offers you a mixture of classroom and real-world experience, with projects set by employers. You’ll learn about construction methods, sustainability and project management. Visit the course page for more info.


a male sitting in front of a laptop with a mobile by his side

Digital : IT Support Services & Infrastructure

South Downs Campus / T Level (Level 3)

Do you want to be an infrastructure engineer, business analyst, systems engineer or work in cyber and network security? To get real-world experience mixed with classroom learning, head to the course page to find out more.


two males looking at machinaryEngineering & Manufacturing – Design & Development

South Downs Campus / T Level (Level 3)

Engineering has a hand in designing nearly everything you come into contact with and this new T Level will help prepare you for working in this exciting industry. Read more here.


female at computer surrounded by wires

Engineering & Manufacturing – Processing & Control

South Downs Campus / T Level (Level 3)

Do you want to learn about continuous production, control engineering and chemical engineering? If so, this new T Level is the course for you.


two females in high vis jackets with engineering machineryEngineering, Manufacturing & Design (Mechanical & Electrical)

Alton Campus / T Level (Level 3)

If specialising in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical and Electronic Engineering is something you want to do, then you’ll want to read more about this new T Level course.


female students playing computer games


Alton & South Downs campuses / BTEC (Level 3)

You will learn about the world of Esports, from strategies and broadcasting to psychology and shoutcasting. You’ll also have the opportunity to compete in Rocket League, Overwatch, League of Legends and Fortnite with Alton Atoms and South Downs Storm teams.


a graph on a laptop screenFinance

South Downs Campus / T Level (Level 3)

Learn about the world of finance with the latest industry software packages, such as Sage 50 and Xero. You will also spend a minimum of 45 days in a work placement, getting a head start on what it’s like in the ‘real world’ which will put you a step above the rest when applying for finance jobs!


a man in a lab coat pointing at some MRI scans on a computer screen

Medical & Healthcare Science 

Alton Campus / T Level (Level 3)

Does cardiology, radiography or respiratory medicine fascinate you? Are you interested in carrying out MRI scans, X-rays or ultrasounds? If so, this is a great course to start your journey to your dream career!


two students with goggles on looking at chemicals in test tubes

Medical & Laboratory Science

Alton Campus / T Level (Level 3)

Are you intrigued by how the COVID-19 vaccine was created? Or have you ever wondered how antibiotics target specific conditions? This course will have you exploring the health and science sector.

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