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IT Centres

You can get the most out of your studies thanks to our continuous investment in modern, state-of-the-art IT resources throughout HSDC.

You’ll never be without access to IT; with a choice of PCs, laptops and Chromebooks throughout both campuses on which to enjoy access to the latest software, digital resources and virtual learning environments. Of course, in this connected world, you may prefer to bring your own device; there’s free wireless connectivity and you’ll find plenty of places to charge your device.

Our partnerships with both Google and Microsoft mean we can provide the “best of both worlds” to our staff and students, and cements HSDC at the forefront of digital learning.

We place such a strong emphasis on IT and digital skills simply because it pervades all areas of modern business and industry. Your journey with HSDC will prepare you with the very best in digital skills, enabling and empowering you for your onward journey beyond college.


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