10 reasons to choose HSDC

Ten important reasons to choose us…

  1. Receive top-quality teaching & learning

    You can achieve your learning potential thanks to the passion and commitment of our friendly and experienced teaching staff. Each one is a subject expert who has chosen your success as their professional goal. Over the years our teachers’ drive and enthusiasm has helped thousands of students meet their challenges and exceed their target grades, opening a wide selection of post-College opportunities.

  2. Become part of our College community

    From the outset you’ll share an outstanding learning experience alongside likeminded people who are also pushing themselves to achieve their best. Our vibrant College community is the ideal place to enjoy a stimulating and social learning experience that will help you grow as a person while developing your new knowledge and skills.

  3. Know that we put you first

    At every stage we’re here to listen, advise and support you in your choices. In fact, we begin supporting you even before enrolment through open evenings, taster days and student-shadowing initiatives. We’ll also help you review your options in detail at your one-to-one interview. Not only that, we’ll help you create a unique Study Programme that plays to your strengths and addresses your weaknesses.

  4. Create your learning programme

    You can construct your ideal learning experience that ensures you are best placed to compete for your first-choice university or that coveted job. Whatever overall programme you want, we’re here to make it happen.

  5. Benefit from the best in digital resources

    You’ll have learning resources at your fingertips thanks to our ventures with ICT giants Google and Microsoft. As well as an integrated digital platform that’s embedded across all your subjects, you’ll benefit from state-of-the-art cloud applications that support your learning and prepare you for today’s digital workplace.

  6. Develop your individual talents

    When you’re good at something you want to make the most of it. That’s why we run an Aim High programme designed to help you accelerate your development in your key areas of strength. This learning initiative comprises extra opportunities to work on the things you particularly enjoy or excel at doing. As a result, you can stand out even more on your university or job applications.

  7. Gain the support you need to do well

    Sometimes you might need a little extra support to realise your potential. That’s why we have a team of Learning Support staff on-hand to help you. Learning support could mean help with dyslexia or another learning difficulty. Alternatively, it could mean help with time-management or revision preparation. Perhaps you would benefit from special exam arrangements, for example… So remember, whatever you need to do your best our Learning Support team is here for you.

  8. Secure your next steps

    You can begin planning what to do after college thanks to our dedicated university applications and careers team. They specialise in helping you get into your first-choice university or your first job or apprenticeship. We can help you plan for a gap year and arranging work experience opportunities to help you build your CV.

  9. Enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling student life

    We give you everything you need to enjoy a vibrant and social college lifestyle. There’s plenty of social areas where you can mix with friends between lessons, plus opportunities to do what you like doing outside classes. For example, our enrichment programmes give you the chance to indulge your extra-curricular interests, while our sports clubs give you opportunities to continue playing the sports you like to play. You can also become active within our Student Union, which organises frequent live music events throughout the year.

  10. Travel to us easily

    You’ll have no trouble getting to and from college thanks to an extensive network of bus and rail routes. Currently students travel to us from right across Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. Importantly, travel subsidies apply to both of our campuses.

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