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Health & Wellbeing

Know that we’re here for you.

We understand that moving into further education can be a challenging time that may present a range of uncertainties and difficult choices, both personally and in your studies. That’s why we have a dedicated Health & Wellbeing Team on-hand to listen and help with any issues you might face.

Our team is here to offer information, advice and guidance and put you in touch with specialist help – or just to talk things through in quiet surroundings. Medical advice can also be obtained from our qualified nurses.

You can rely on them for support in many different situations, including ones related to the following:

  • Welfare issues
  • Physical problems
  • Mental health concerns
  • Bereavement
  • Sexual Health
  • Safeguarding and protection
  • Financial support and travel
  • Housing
  • Caring for someone
  • Domestic/guardian arrangements
  • Counselling
  • Looked after children and care leavers

If you have concerns about any of the above, or anything else, then please don’t hesitate to contact the team. Their door is always open and your contact will listen and advise with the utmost discretion.

Counselling is about exploring any worries, anxieties, problems or feelings that may be interfering in your personal or academic life. It is a chance for you to be listened to, for your worries to be taken seriously and to be supported in reaching your own decisions.

Counselling is confidential. Even if a tutor or other member of staff or parent helps you to make an appointment, the content of the session remains confidential unless you give us permission to discuss it. The exception is if your counsellor is very concerned there is a serious risk to your health or someone else.

No problem is too big or too small to take to counselling – if it is bothering you then it is worth sharing.

The counsellors are used to hearing about all kinds of issues – nothing is taboo: homesickness, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, group problems, bereavement, suicidal feelings, academic problems, sexual identity, abuse issues, eating disorders, mental health issues, low self-esteem and transition to or from college.

If you feel you would benefit from counselling, please contact the Health & Wellbeing team on or visit them in the Student Hub. Rooms are available if you wish to talk in privacy. Counselling is available at all three of our campuses.

The sensory room on our South Downs Campus is a quiet place where you can go to relax if you experience stress, anxiety or are on the autistic spectrum.

This popular facility is equipped with innovations like sensory mood lighting, tactile items and creative equipment. It is operated by fully-trained staff who are there to support you should you feel overwhelmed at any stage during your studies.

We’ve invested in this facility because we believe it’s important that all students receive exactly what they need to thrive and achieve.

Similarly, we provide a Breakfast & Lunch Club at South Downs Campus, where students who find the hussle-and-bustle of other communal areas too stressful. The Club is based in a room that has basic food and drink preparation facilities, a TV and DVD player, plus a collection of activities and games.

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