Physics students take a trip to Geneva!

March 12, 2018

Twenty-seven A Level Physics students from both HSDC campuses took a three-day trip to Geneva to visit the world famous research centre CERN.

The students, led by lecturers Geoffrey Whittington, Maria Miller and Joan Lentz, enjoyed the historic old town and two science-based museums, as well as an outing to the Mont Saleve cable car which took the group 1100m up for an incredible view over the city, lake and surrounding mountains.

Lecturer Geoffrey said: “At CERN we saw the exhibitions which show what particle physics is trying to do, the workings of the particle detectors, computer systems and some historic pieces of equipment.

“We had lunch in the huge on-site canteen where scientists and engineers were discussing their work in teams. Then we had a talk about the physics of the research by a retired scientist followed by a visit to see how the huge magnet sections of the LHC are tested.

“I think the students have gained an appreciation of the huge European collaboration behind CERN, as well as a view of a very cultural foreign city.”

At HSDC, we know that a well-rounded learning experience includes an understanding of what lies beyond our gates. That’s why we work hard to provide a wealth of fieldtrip and travel opportunities every year.

Most trips are in the UK. However, some, like this trip to Geneva, will take you abroad to engage with things we simply don’t get to experience here at home. This international dimension is all part of our wider global outlook that seeks to give you with a greater awareness of our global situation. Click here to find out where some of our students have ventured to.

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