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From A Levels to a career in the Heritage Sector

November 19, 2018

Eleanor Doyle

Alumna Eleanor Doyle began her time at Havant & South Downs College with a passion for History. Now, four years later, she has spoken about how her time at the College ‘gave her the skills and confidence to pursue her own career interests’.

Eleanor started her journey with A Levels in History, Philosophy and Law back in 2014. Only two years out of College, Eleanor studies History at the University of Portsmouth and is a Team Leader at the Mary Rose Museum.

In her spare time, Eleanor is also the President of the History Society at the university.

Eleanor said: “My time at HSDC gave me the skills and confidence to pursue my own career interests in the heritage and museum sector.

“History was my primary focus but in combination with my Philosophy and Law A Levels, I gained the ability to consider and analyse different perspectives and offer alternative solutions to problems.

“Now, this helps me think creatively and has been really valuable for my time at the University of Portsmouth and as President of the History Society but is also highly useful in my work at The Mary Rose Museum.”

Eleanor also worked on her confidence and presentation skills through her other A Level subjects.

She continued: “I thoroughly enjoyed the Bar Mock Trial. It was a great opportunity to develop my public speaking skills and taught me how to construct an argument quickly and convincingly.

“I use these skills regularly at work and within my roles at the university to manage and contribute to successful projects, events and day-to-day responsibilities.”

And what advice would Eleanor offer to future students?

“Make the most of the opportunities that are available to you and if you can’t find something that takes your interest, make your own opportunities,” she said.

“I started at The Mary Rose Museum after I approached them about work experience in my second year of College and from this, I have taken the first steps of my career.

“Taking time to put yourself out of your comfort zone really pays off!”