Students take part in six-hour drama workshop

January 11, 2019

Drama students were put through their paces in a six-hour intensive workshop on Tuesday, 8 January.

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies students and Level 3 Acting for Stage and Screen students came together to take part in a practical physical theatre workshop led by a Frantic Assembly Theatre Company practitioner in preparation for their ‘devising project’.

Speaking about the workshop, which was partly funding by the Southern Universities Network (SUN), student Amy Lewis said: “Frantic Assembly are new, modern practitioners, they’re super interesting. Taking part in this workshop has given us more skills to add to our own work. We have learnt a couple of lifts and team working and working on trust.

“It’s a lot more intense than I thought it would be. My highlight of today was one of the warm ups when we were building up trust and all running towards each other. Our two groups had to work with each other straight away otherwise we would have all crashed into one another. I thought that was really interesting and shows how you can build relationships really quickly.”

Student Kieran Poling said: “We have learnt a lot about teamwork and professional theatre as well, making sure we are silent and ready when we need to be. We’ve also learnt a lot about spacial awareness, it’s great to explore these practices practically rather than just academically.

“Industry professionals coming in to teach you is one of the best experiences you could have because they have such a great understanding of the industry. So, to hear how they have progressed and come along from when they were our age is brilliant.”

And the Drama students have some advice for future students thinking of starting a Drama course.

Amy said: “You can become quite vulnerable so don’t be scared to express yourself and just go with it. I think a lot of us on the course have found ourselves”

Kieran added: “Don’t be scared and just go for it. It can be quite a daunting thing, especially when it comes to acting. You can be yourself here, you are completely accepted for who you are. Everyone is here because they have a passion for acting.”

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