HSDC South Downs students offered places at prestigious Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance

April 27, 2021

HSDC South Downs students Amy Lewis and Kieran Poling have an exciting future ahead of them as both have been offered places at the prestigious Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance.

Students from over 40 different countries study at Rose Bruford on 15 different vocational and professional degree courses. Students and staff work together to make and produce over 75 shows a year, producing renowned creative artists and practitioners who venture into careers in stage and screen and design management.

HSDC South Downs Drama teacher Karen Leadbeater explains more,

“Both students have been at HSDC studying Level 3 Acting for Stage and Screen and have been exceptional throughout their studies, achieving Distinction. They each progressed onto our Level 4 Performance course, and have been exemplary in both conduct and creativity. They are currently performing in a feminist production called ‘Nora’ and working toward a final production as part of the in-house collaborative theatre company ‘Pivotal’.

“We are very proud that they have both achieved places at the prestigious Rose Bruford College and we wish them well on their journey into the creative industry field.”

Amy is excited to attend Rose Bruford,

“Applying was an extremely stressful experience, on top of an already stressful year for everyone. I sadly lost my younger sister back in August. Therefore, I am so proud to have been offered a place at Rose Bruford. Amazing support from my family and friends, paired with the academic and emotional support of the HSDC AMP staff members, allowed me to push myself to get into the college.

“At Rose Bruford I will be studying on the BA European Theatre Arts course. The course focuses on training the contemporary performer through the art of the European practitioners, and I am beyond excited to start there in September!”

Kieran talked through the application process,

“It’s been a very strange process this year applying to drama schools, particularly having to record self-taped videos in the living room throughout lockdown. Like all unis, I had to put in an application through UCAS and not long after, Rose Bruford asked if I could send an initial audition self-tape which included me performing both a contemporary and classical monologue.

“After that, I was asked to attend an interview/audition over Zoom. I had to perform my contemporary monologue from the initial audition and research an Arthur Miller play called “The Crucible.” I had the opportunity to talk to current students on the course and I was instantly thinking that this is the course for me. They asked us to read a short extract on the spot, where the other candidates and I had to explore three different American accents. Overall, it was a very nice experience and I felt that this would be the perfect progression for me.

“HSDC has been a great help in this process. The teachers gave me advice on my speeches and gave me the confidence boost I needed, as this sort of thing is scary. The passion from all the teachers has opened my eyes to this creative world. I’ve learnt skills that I will bring with me throughout drama school and my professional career. Everyone from the teachers to the lighting technician has been so enthusiastic about us and has provided me with all the skills and knowledge needed.

“I’m very excited to have received an offer, it’s been a personal aim of mine to go to drama school. It feels as though hard works pays off. This course will offer me the opportunity to study in America for a semester, so it will definitely be an experience like no other. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn more about the performing arts and I’m excited for what the future might hold!”

Congratulations to both Amy and Kieran!