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Cabin Crew students at HSDC land their dream airline jobs

January 27, 2022

Toni, Zara and Faith sat in the HSDC airplane in their uniforms

Three HSDC students are flying high after securing their first Cabin Crew jobs before completing their course.

Faith Turvey, Zara Jillett and Toni Powell are all students on the Air Cabin Crew Training (Fast Track) Level 2 Diploma course and have been the first in their class to take a step towards their careers.

The Fast Track course allows learners to complete the course in six months from September to March, meaning they will all be ready to get their wings by the Summer season.

Faith and Zara sit in the jump seat in their uniform

Faith and Zara sat in the cabin’s jumpseat

HSDC Cabin Crew students benefit from being able to learn inside a real Boeing 747 aircraft cabin on-site, which helps them to immerse themselves in role play and learning.

Faith was offered jobs with three airlines after undertaking the virtual interview process, and has decided to embark on her career with British Airways. She said: 

“I knew I wanted to be cabin crew since I was little. I have had a very lucky life and have travelled across the world.

“This course has been so amazing, we have had so many different opportunities. We do really cool things in class like doing our own passenger announcements.

“I think the nicest thing is you come into this class not knowing each other and you walk out like a family. We support each other, there are some in the class who aren’t as confident and they need an extra bit of encouragement.”

Faith found that she was perfectly prepared for the interview process thanks to the knowledge gained from her time on the course. She added:

“We were all so ready for the interviews. I’m really looking forward to the variety of the roster because I’m flying long and short haul from Heathrow so I’m going to be able to experience lots of destinations. It’s going to be long hours but it’s going to be worth it.”

Zara and Toni pushing the trolley

Zara and Toni pushing the trolley

Toni will be flying both long and short haul with TUI, having enjoyed flying since she was a young child. Toni said:

“I was originally doing Health & Social Care, but after seeing all the girls and boys walking in their uniform it clicked and I knew I wanted to do that. I was always stuck with what I wanted to do then when I found that one thing I wanted to do, everything just made sense. 

“There are a lot of outside opportunities, we have a mock interview day and ex-students from the course come to interview us. I absolutely adore the course, it’s so interesting. I think people underestimate how challenging being cabin crew is.”

Zara, who has accepted a position with easyJet, said:

 “I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew I always liked flying. I was studying Level 3 Travel & Tourism and moved on to this. 

“It’s exciting, my life is starting to begin! I’m looking forward to doing more short haul flights.”

Course Manager Kim Hill loves seeing students achieve their dreams. She has spent 18 years teaching Air Cabin Crew students and has seen hundreds gain flying jobs at the end of the course. Kim said:

Faith serving tea to a passenger

Faith serving tea to course manager Kim

“It’s amazing, it’s what I do my job for. I get just as excited when they get their jobs as they do because that’s what I’m here for. They all mature on the course, they gain lots of life skills. I’ve been teaching for 18 years and hundreds of my students have flying jobs.”

If you are interested in learning more about our Air Cabin Crew courses, visit the Travel & Tourism section of our website.