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Gold, Silver and Bronze awards gained by HSDC Havant students in top science competition

February 1, 2023

British Physics Olympiad students from HSDC Havant

Challenging extracurricular physics exams were no match for talented HSDC Havant students Anna Douglas, Chen Lin and Jack Rogerson as they took on the British Physics Olympiad.

Receiving any award is a genuine achievement in this high-level competition, and 3 Havant students managed to get top marks.

Second-year A Level student Anna Douglas heard about the competition through fellow student Chen Lin who achieved Gold last year in the same competition. Anna received a Gold award this year, she said:

“I am planning to study Physics at Uni and this is a great way to support my learning and build up my University application. I am also very competitive and I really wanted to beat Chen this year, he challenged me to get a higher score than him, it was a great experience and I am so pleased with my result”.

Chen received Silver this year, taking on challenging questions designed to test problem-solving skills and students’ knowledge of physics in real-world situations. Chen said:

“I received Gold in this competition last year and I really wanted to stretch myself again, the style of questioning is hard but I enjoy the challenge. I also wanted to beat Anna, I enjoyed the friendly competition, it made it more interesting”.

Jack gained a Bronze award for his first attempt at this competition, he said:

“It’s a nice change from the normal style of questions and it really makes you think, it will look good on my university application and I am really pleased I took part”.
All three students are looking to continue their studies at University once they complete their A Levels at HSDC.

Geoffrey Whittington Science Lecturer at HSDC Havant said:

“Anna, Chen and Jack are wonderful Physics students, they took the initiative and asked me to enter them for the British Olympiad. The exam was two one-hour papers completed in their own time. The questions are extremely demanding, requiring fresh thinking and high analytical skills. To get these awards is a great credit to them and Anna’s Gold award shows that she is one of the best Physics students in the country. I am very proud of these three students.”