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Music Facilities at Alton

Students playing instruments with lecturer

If you decide to study music at HSDC Alton, you will have access to a fantastic range of facilities and equipment, from Mac Suites to big names in amps and mics such as Fender, Blackstar, Rode and Slate.

Why not take a look at the various music facilities at Alton Campus below.

Live Room

The live room, also known as Ormond Room, features three wall boxes carrying a total of 16 lines from the Recording Space through to the control room for recording purposes. The live room also houses a baby Yamaha grand piano, an array of percussion and wood instruments, a Mapex Saturn drum set and HK audio PA system controlled by a Behringer X32 digital mixing console.

Rehearsal Room

In addition to the above, we have five smaller practice rooms, two of which are primarily used for Rock and Pop sessions. They have electric drum sets and an array of practice amps under the brand of Fender, Marshall and Peavey.

Upright pianos are available in every rehearsal room, as well as a PA sound system for audio playback and microphone use for vocalists.


As part of the music facilities at Alton Campus, you will have access to the following recording and performance amplifiers –

  • Fender Champion 100 2×12
  • Fender Super Champ 1×12 Combo
  • Blackstar HT-5 Combo
  • Blackstar HT 40W 2×12 Combo
  • Fender Blues Junior IV
  • Ampeg Micro VR Bass Head + 2×10 cab
  • Mark Bass Little Mark 250 head + 2×10 cab
  • Orange Dark Terror 15W Head

We also have an extensive range of general use microphones and specialist microphones –

General use

  • Shure SM57
  • AKG D112
  • Sennheiser e604 and clip
  • Rode NT1 Pair with Shock Mount
  • Stereo pair of NT5’s with stereo bar each
  • Sontronics Delta Active Ribbon Mic
  • Sontronics Halo Passive Ribbon Mic
  • Beta 52a
  • AKG C1000
  • SM58


  • Shure Beta 91a
  • Neumann U87i
  • Slate Ml1 (VMS)


The music department has two iMac classroom suites running Logix Pro X and Sibelius. As a student, you are also provided with studio-grade Sennheiser JD 280 Pro mixing headphones for projects.


At Alton, we have a main recording studio with a control room, featuring the latest spec iMac. The studio runs with two Audient ASP 008 A pre amps and MOTU 24 I/O soundcards, also with two commercial studio-grade ADAM Audio A7X studio monitors. The main studio also features analogue outboard equipment featuring TL Audio Ivory 2 Channell EQ, PCM 90 Lexicon Reverb and an AKAI SC3000XL Sampler among others.

In addition to the main studio, we also have two side studios. These are smaller mixing studios with the latest spec iMac, two Octopre Dynamic MkII pre-amplifiers and ADAT and Mackie HR824 Mackie Studio Monitors.

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