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HE+ Programme

HE+ is a programme offered in conjunction with the University of Cambridge with the aim to inspire students to apply to competitive universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities.

The University of Cambridge HE+ programme is an amazing opportunity to make your UCAS university application stand out. You will gain an insight to the university application process and have the chance to take part in exciting activities that go beyond the A Level curriculum. These include:

  • University style lectures on your chosen subjects
  • Lessons taught by University of Cambridge academic staff
  • The chance to explore new topics
  • Meeting like minded students from other colleges across Hampshire
  • A trip to Trinity College at the University of Cambridge

The HE+ programme is designed to develop your knowledge and build your confidence in attending university. You’ll become part of an academic community and get a preview of the wider programme of reading that comes with Higher Education.

Even after the core HE+  programme ends you will be supported through the university application process with sessions on personal statements and preparing for interviews.

Useful for degrees in Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Human Sciences, Behavioural Sciences and Psychology.

Useful for degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Natural Sciences and Earth Sciences.

Useful for degrees in Economics, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Law, Management, Land Economy and various Humanities subjects.

Useful for degrees in English, Linguistics, Modern Languages, Law, Classics and other Humanities subjects.

Useful for degrees in Geography, Geology, Environmental Sciences, Earth Sciences and Land Economy.

Useful for degrees in History, Law, Classics, Philosophy Politics and Economics as well as a range of other Humanities subjects.

Useful for degrees in Law and other Humanities subjects.

Useful for degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Economics and Architecture.

Useful for degrees in Physics, Engineering, Architecture, Natural Sciences and Earth Sciences.

HE+ consists of five sessions running from January to March. In addition to this you will also have the opportunity to visit Trinity College Cambridge. Your sessions will be taught at Peter Symonds College, with some students also having sessions at the University of Southampton (subject dependent).

The HE+ programme is popular with many college students. If you are thinking of applying, please make sure you are able to commit to attending all sessions. You’ll need to demonstrate commitment to your studies and a high level of achievement in the subjects you wish to study at university. Please get in touch to register your interest in the programme.

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