Celebrating Student Success #LoveOurColleges

May 14, 2019

A College is nothing without its students, and as part of Love Our Colleges Week we’re sharing how proud we are of everyone who has studied here at HSDC, both past and present. 

Last year students across both our campuses achieved high-flying results, with an overall pass rate of 98.5% and 51% of our students securing the top A* to B or equivalent grades.

We give our students the tools they need to not only succeed academically, but to grow as individuals. We would like to acknowledge the the dedication of individuals by sharing some of the wise words of our former students:

“HSDC gave me the foundation of technical and conceptual skills required to get me onto university. But I think it did more than that. It also gave me that grit and determination.”
Joe Munro – Former HSDC student and Illustrator. Read his story here.

“College and university can only teach you so much – you have to go to the outside world and put your skills learnt into practice. You must maintain the desire and willingness to learn to progress through your career. At no point will you know everything, current information is constantly being updated.”
Daniel Maru – Former HSDC student and Sports Therapist for Welsh professional rugby team Ospreys. Read his story here.

“Make the most of the opportunities that are available to you and if you can’t find something that takes your interest, make your own opportunities.” 
Eleanor Doyle – Former HSDC students and Team Leader at the Mary Rose Museum. Read her story here.

“Work hard, relax, train whenever you can, develop yourself and always do more. If you’re really serious you have to keep your head down. I’ve never been the best player, but I’ve worked harder than anyone else to get where I am.”

Tommy Block – Former HSDC student and Football player for Scottish premiership football team Hibernian. Read his story here. 

You can read more about how HSDC has helped students achieve their aspirations here.