Parent/Carer Hub FAQs

Q. Why have I received an absence text?

A. As part of our communication with you, we aim to operate a daily text messaging system regarding absence. If a student misses at least one class, a text message will be sent. 

If you have advised us of an absence, this is recorded on the main attendance register as quickly as possible following your call, email or correspondence. Please be aware that it is possible to still receive a text message due to the time delay or when there are high volumes of absences. You do not need to do anymore if you are already aware of and have reported the absence. If you are unaware of the absence please start by discussing the matter with your child.

Texts are sent at 1pm and 4pm and are sent to the primary contact’s mobile number. Please assist us by ensuring all contact details are kept current for emergency purposes by completing a Change of Details Form here.

Q. If a teacher/lecturer is absent, what happens to timetabled classes?

A. In the event that a lecturer/teacher is absent due to sickness, the College will make every attempt to set appropriate cover work within College. Where this is not possible, students will be contacted to inform them of the situation and they will be provided with work that they will be required to complete at home. Lecturer/Teacher absence will not impact on students’ attendance.

Q. We have moved house/changed telephone number/email address, how can I let the College know?

A. Please complete a Change of Details Form here and email to or drop the completed form into Reception at any campus.

Q. My son/daughter is not happy with their current course, what can we do?

A. Students need to discuss any course changes/adjustments with their tutor, who can advise on their options.


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